Sentence and Kinds of Sentences

Sentence and Kinds of Sentences – A sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense.

Examples –

1.I write poems.

2. Virat plays cricket.

Kinds of sentences  

According to the functions, sentences are divided into the following five kinds –

1.Assertive Sentences

2.Interrogative Sentences

3.Imperative Sentences

4.Optative Sentences

5.Exclamatory Sentences

  1. Assertive Sentences – Assertive Sentences are simple. It may be be positive or negative.

Examples –

1.She is a good girl.

2.He will never accept your offer.

  1. Interrogative Sentences – 2.Interrogative Sentences ask questions.

Examples –

1.What is your name?

2.May I come in?

  1. Imperative Sentences – Imperative Sentences are used to express an order, request, advice, proposal etc.

Examples –

1.Go out of the room. (order)

2.Help me, please. (request)

3.Keep a cool head in problems. (advice)

  1. Let us do our homework. (Proposal)

4. Optative Sentences – Optative Sentences express a prayer, wish, curse. Optative Sentences ends with exclamatory marks (!)

Examples –

1.May God bless you!

2.May you live long!

3.May you go to hell!

  1. Exclamatory Sentences– Exclamatory Sentences express sudden feelings of the mind. These feelings can be of happiness, sorrow, surprise, applause or can be used to attract attention.

Examples –

1.Hurrah! We have won the match.

2.Alas! The old peon has passed away.

3.How beautiful that scene is!

4.Bravo! Well done, my son!

5.Hello! How are you?

Sentence and types of Sentences
Sentence and types of Sentences

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