Noun / Kinds of Noun 

Noun / Kinds of Noun – A noun is the name of a person, place, things animals feelings or ideas.

Kinds of Noun –

Nouns are of mainly five types –

1. Proper noun – A Particular examples.

Eg.-  Krishna ,Radha,Mathura , India , Ganga etc.

2. Common noun – The common name of a class Eg. boy, girl, cow, river etc.

3. Collective noun – The name of a group .

Eg. Crowd, herd, class, army, mob etc.

4. Material noun – The name of all materials.

Eg. water , milk , gold, iron,wood etc.

5. Abstract noun – Name of feeling,ideas which can’t be seen or touch .

Eg . Joy , sorrow, childhood, honesty, happiness etc.

Noun / Kinds of Noun

Noun Kinds of Noun
Noun Kinds of Noun

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