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About us

Hi Friends

Welcome to geteasytips.com your number one source for all educational materials. I am dedicated to providing you the very best of educational information.

My name is Menka Neopaney, the founder of geteasytips.com I am a teacher. I teach English in my school SSVM. I am from Giridih, Jharkhand, a beautiful natural place to live.

Learning and writing is my passion. The reason for blogging is to share knowledge. The world has been facing Corona Virus. The schools and all educational institutions are closed. So to provide study materials to my school children, I started to write and share blogs. I feel very proud and consent in providing teaching materials to my students. They are also very happy and learn continuously staying at home.

I try my best to provide all of you the latest and useful information too. This is my first website and the purpose of this website is to spread knowledge. If you will get a useful information that is very necessary to enhance your knowledge, I will certainly become very happy and I will try to give you more and more and best useful information.

I also provide them Video teaching materials through You Tube. Anyone can get these videos by writing my name Menka Neopaney on search option of YouTube. The channel name of You tube is Basic English Grammar and getgyantechs.

About Us Menka Neopaney
Menka Neopaney